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Relaxing Massage - Relaxing Time

The best Massage to relax your body and mind during your visit to Cusco

Hot Stone massage - Relaxing Time

The heat of the stones will help you with the relaxation of your muscles and you can get energy from the stones as well

Leg Massage - Relaxing Time

Full leg massage this massage is perfect for those who hiked for a long day and need to relieve their tired cap to keep exploring

Inca healing massage - Relaxing Time

This is a traditional Massage where we use natural creams to help with the relaxation of the body as well are good for soreness of muscles.

More services - Relaxing Time

If you need a different service, we have body wax, full body exfoliation, and facial cleansing (we use natural products from quinoa and muña and potatoes)

Deep tissue massage - Relaxing Time

Massage focuses on the muscles with pressure according to your body’s needs, really good after a long hike or post-trek massage

Special Offers About Massages in cusco

Our massage therapists have been professionally

Type of massage Price & time
Relaxing massage 12 USD for 30 minutes
Relaxing massage 20 USD for one hour
Deep tissue massage 25 USD for one hour
Inca healing massage 30 USD for one hour
Hot stone massage 40 USD  one hour fifteen
Back relieving massage 18 USD for 45 minutes
Body exfoliation 20 USD for 30 minutes
Leg massage 20 USD for 30 minutes

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About us - Relaxing Time

About our Spa

Relaxing time massage provide the best massage in Cusco with a wide experience which is offering a professional and high quality of service. Our primary goal is to recover the truly meaning of massage given by the experienced therapist who will restore your body’s energy balance.

Relaxing time massage is based in Cusco the owner Karina Meza Ayma she studied physiotherapy she has worked in a spa more than 10 years she has the passion to help people especially those who hiked the Inca trail and comeback with tired muscle.

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Katherine Foxx
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Victoria Klarke
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Miranda Griffin

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