Massages in cusco

Massages in cusco, a respite from the hustle and bustle of the imperial city, cusco is a beautiful city that gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy a sense of majesty and history and everyone can know and walk its streets.

Here we share with you some things you can do during your visit to the city of Cusco:

Massages of recovery after making adventures.

In the city of Cusco, you will find several relaxation centers and massages that provide a special recovery treatment after adventures in the mountains, you can also perform preparation massages that help the air conditioning of the body.

It is very important to know that adventures in Cusco usually take several days, as is the case of the Inca trail Machu Picchu or the Salkantay route. Many of the walks that can be done present medium-high difficulties and having a good physical preparation before starting the adventure is very important.

The types of massage that are generally offered are:

Anti-stress massage: Stimulates circulation, relieves stress and muscle fatigue.

Relaxing massage: Relieves muscle and joint pain and improves the circulatory system.

Whirlpool: Pure relaxation with aromatic salts and oils.

Curative or traditional massages: generally include treatments with herbs from the region and is the most requested among the varieties of massages in Cusco.

Shopping for crafts and dresses.

When it comes to buying unique dresses, made with Inca techniques, such as beautiful alpaca coats and modern fashion, you will be acquiring a dress of quality and very good material.

The best dress shops are located in the center of the city, around the plaza del cusco. But to buy high quality alpaca fabrics, coats and accessories. Their handmade products can be found in the artisan center of the city of Cusco.

Another great place to buy clothes is the Indian market of Pisac and chinchero, you can take advantage of buying all kinds of fabrics and high quality dresses during your tour to the sacred valley of the Incas. These markets (Pisac and chinchero) are dedicated to fair trade products, selling handmade and woven creations with ancestral techniques that are still preserved.

Spa and leisure in cusco.

If your body needs to acclimatize to the altitude, if this is the first time you visit Cusco, and relaxation centers such as spas are important centers of attention and preparation for tourists.

Spas are very good relaxation centers for family and friends. In Cusco you can find several, often hotels offer stay that include special spa rooms and massages in Cusco.

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