Attractions and best restaurants in Cuzco

Cusco is the most visited city in Peru. Especially because it is the closest main city near the famous Machu Picchu and, therefore, the perfect starting point for walks and trips to the legendary city in ruins. Many tourists pass Cusco for this reason and do not plan much time for the city itself. The […]

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Experiential tourism in Cusco

Yes, Machu Picchu is essential in the Cusco region, sometimes we forget that only the Sacred Valley of the Incas deserves a few days. In this place, you have the opportunity to know much better the culture of the inhabitants of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Here are 2 suggestions of unusual activities in […]

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The best time to travel to Peru

The ideal station to travel to Peru The Andean mountain range makes the map of climates, both in Peru and in other Andean countries, extremely complicated. More than temperatures, it is better to consider moisture. The dry season, from May to September approximately, is the most favorable for the trip: the temperatures are more clear […]

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Practical Information for traveling to Cusco and all of Peru

Practical information about Peru To move around the country By plane Due to the very mountainous topography of the country, the plane is an almost necessary means of transport in Peru. Some areas of the Amazon are only accessible by plane or by boat. Most cities have national routes, with the notable exception of Arequipa. […]

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Acclimatization necessary for travelers in Cusco

The acclimatization in Cusco should be taken seriously, especially if you fly at an altitude (which is above 2,400 m more) from a place at sea level. Your body needs time to adapt to lower levels of oxygen in the air and needs to produce more red blood cells. This is particularly a problem in […]

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