Massages and short activities in Cusco

Short Activities in Cusco: Cusco, means “Navel”, thus it was described by its ancient Inca inhabitants and considered the center of the entire Inca empire. According to legend, the four paths that led to the center of the universe started from there.

The origins of this legendary City are mythical and loaded with many legends, which to this day remain, and its cultural legacy today is shared for all mankind; and with many attractions and things to do in Cusco.

The cultural history of this mythical Peruvian city is today a world heritage site since 1983, when it was declared by UNESCO, due to the large number of historical monuments it has. For those who wish to know the origins of an entire continent, in Cusco there is much to discover, not only of the mythical history of the city but also of what its people value as culture, and of all that they can offer to the visitor .

Cusco, is considered the historical capital of Peru, is located in the southwest of the country, in the Andes, has a population of almost half a million inhabitants, and is the seventh most populous city in Peru.

Its importance in the history of the country is due to the fact that it was the capital of the Inca Empire, in the colonial era, it was one of the most important cities of the viceroyalty of Peru; by that time in the hands of the Spaniards, it is adorned with a neoclassical and baroque architecture, and its streets are full of churches, baroque style palaces, as well as its squares, that is why it has become a historic and very attractive city for tourism, in addition to multiple activities and things to do that the visitor can enjoy.

There are many attractions and activities for tourists to take the best experience during their visit to Cusco, among them we must highlight the most attractive and mythical places. To begin with, it should be noted that this city is located at 3400 feet above sea level in the middle of the Andean mountain range, it is listed as one of the highest cities in the world, its attractions, ranging from its natural as well as cultural resources, that define it as one of the most incredible cities in the world.

Short Activities in cusco:

Admire your architecture

One of the main things that can be done in Cusco is to admire all its architecture, thanks to the colonization of the Spaniards, the city was adorned with multiple palaces, churches, and monuments, which has made it be called the “Rome of America ” This has made it worthy of being declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and being very attractive to travelers on the continent.

Visit the Plaza de armas

In the heart of the city is the Plaza de armas, this square gives the city a very modern and current air, it is a very busy place because it is full of shops, churches, restaurants, together with buildings of colonial architecture, which They wait to be visited by tourists.

The square has a very different atmosphere at night when it is illuminated, and shows a lot of charm with its lights, next to all the buildings that surround it. As a curiosity, near the square there are always many ladies offering massages, they are well known for giving the most relaxing massages such as hot stones, and the famous Inca massage: Taking a massage could well be one of the things that can be done in Cusco during your visit.


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Visit the Cathedral

Also located in the main square is the Cathedral, it is the most important religious center in the whole city; its construction took no less than 100 years, and the material with which it was built were stones brought from the Sacsayhuaman. Its architecture reveals its colonial past, and it is impossible to stop visiting its interior.

Visit Sacsayhuamn

Short Activities in cusco

Sacsayhuamn is another of the places to visit since it is only 2 kilometers from the city, it is an architectural work considered as the largest of the Incas, it is not known how it was built, but it is impressive and worth visiting and taking A pleasant memory of this legendary work.

Enjoy an excellent beer

One of the things to do in Cusco, during its tour, is to drink an excellent beer, produced by them since 1909, is part of its appeal, and is a symbol of the city; It comes in three varieties, such as Premium, malt, and wheat, each with its own characteristics, and a particular flavor.

Enjoy your gastronomy visiting the San Pedro market

Short Activities in cusco peru

Cusco also has to contribute in the gastronomy with its excellent presentation of its typical dish, the Cuy, which is a guinea pig, which is presented whole on the plate along with vegetables, and corn. The San Pedro market is another attraction of this city and the oldest, there are a variety of vegetables and crafts typical of the city and its surroundings that gives a very mythical and exotic atmosphere.

Many monuments

The number of monuments that this city has are innumerable, among which are the Qoricancha and the convent of Santo Domingo.
The Qoricancha is also known as the golden temple, since its walls were covered with gold, the convent was built there, and it is an iconic building of the city for its history. Another of the very typical sites in the history of Cusco is the 12-inch stone, which is part of the cultural heritage of all of Peru, and its appeal lies in the fact that it is a stone with perfect angles, without symmetries, and It is unknown how it was achieved, something that apparently was very complex.

More short activities in Cusco

In short, Cusco is one of the most fascinating places on the planet, with a lot of cultural history, places to visit and many things to do in Cusco, ranging from a relaxing massage, to enjoying a splendid native beer.
The historical places are innumerable, not to mention that it is the closest city to one of the most spiritual and mysterious places in the world with the Machu Pichu. Visiting Cusco is returning to years of history and culture, a jewel anchored in the middle of the Andean mountains.

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