What to see and what to do in Cusco?

Cusco is probably the most famous city in Peru and that logically attracts the majority of tourists. But there is something Located at the foot but also on the side of the mountain, Cusco will offer many things to do and see. Adapt to incredible landscapes, walks in the middle of nature, you will be […]

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The importance of therapeutic massages for good health

It is often thought that a massage is only a matter of relaxation and is only necessary to enjoy a moment of tranquility. But many studies such as T.R.I. (Touch Research Institute) show the importance of therapeutic massages that help maintain good health. Therapeutic massages are not only important during the treatment of any physical […]

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Massages and short activities in Cusco

Short Activities in Cusco: Cusco, means “Navel”, thus it was described by its ancient Inca inhabitants and considered the center of the entire Inca empire. According to legend, the four paths that led to the center of the universe started from there. The origins of this legendary City are mythical and loaded with many legends, […]

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The best massage centers in Cusco for tourists

There are many adventures that travelers expect to make during their visit to Cusco, the great adventures and tours lead to a physical (muscular) wear, even more, if the visitor does not undergo adequate acclimatization. but that is not an impediment since the visitor can find the best massage centers in Cusco and fully accessible […]

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Relaxing massage in cusco with Maras salt stones

Who doesn’t want to have a relaxing salt stone massage! A comfortable, relaxing and tailor-made massage after a tour of an archaeological site in Cusco. It is known that some tours that are offered in the city of Cusco, present medium-high difficulty, many visitors are not accustomed to changing climates as it is cusco. And […]

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Certificate of excellence

Certificate of excellence At Relaxing Time Massage we are so proud of being awarded on Trip Advisor with a certificate of excellence for 2018 thanks to our customers who share their experience about the therapy massage at relaxing time massage we always working hard to give high quality of service and keep happy and relaxed […]

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Massage tips

Massage tips There are many types of massage; relaxing massage, hot stone massage, special salts, pain massage (therapeutic), deep tissue and special Inca healing massage. Regardless of the type of service, massage tips may vary according to the case. ¿Would you like a massage? all of us we know the benefits of a therapeutic massage, reduce […]

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