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facial cleansing at Relaxing Time Massage we use natural creams from tha Andes of Peru that removes impregnated substances in the face and help regenerate skin damaged by exposure to sunlight.

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our facial cleansing treatment is highly recommended in Cusco, due to its dry climate, or after a long walk to Machu Picchu or over the Andes mountains, you can also accompany by a complete relaxing massage in our massage center in Cusco.

at Relaxing Time Massage we offer this treatment because we know how can be affected your skin with dry and cold weather in Cusco Peru, for Facial cleansing we use two natural products that will renew your skin and leave it soft!

facial cleansing with Quinoa and Honey.

quinoa products promote cell regeneration, and work by stimulating the microcirculation of DERMIS. the formula for this kit, versatile and free of debris, creates a film on the skin, protecting it from environmental damage and free radicals, creating smooth skin, keeping it revitalized, and the younger longer your skin!!

the procedure of facial cleansing

first, we will clean your face with soft Milk after we clean we will put the facial scrub to take off all the dead skin and leave out all the impurities then we will put the mask rich in collagen and you will stay for 15 minutes with this then we will take off after we will apply the tonic to refresh your skin and finish with moisturizing facial cream this has vitamins A and B that will leave your skin revitalized!

Soft Milk.

is a cleansing emulsifier that helps gently remove makeup and surface impurities without damaging or irritating the skin. made with natural extracts of quinoa, honey rose, and aloe to maintain natural balance and softness leaving the skin hydrated with a delicate aroma.

facial scrub.

this formula uses microbeads to remove all the impurities from the face along with the dead skin cells allowing a delicate, perfect facial exfoliation. the skin is opened with nutrients leaving the skin oxygenated and revitalized made of quinoa and honey.

face mask.

this quinoa and honey face mask is developed with collagen, elastin, and shea to create a perfect combination of active cell regeneration and oxygenation of the skin creating a protective film to protect against premature aging. helps protect from the harmful effect of the environment.

tonic lotion.

a unique lotion that tones and refreshes skin leaving it moisturizing and rejuvenating.

moisturizing facial cream

this quinoa and honey-based formula is enriched with vitamins A and E rejuvenating the skin to renew hydration leaving skin youthful and revitalized.

facial cleansing takes 40 minutes

the cost of the service is 60 soles or 20 USD

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Relaxing time massage provide the best massage in Cusco with a wide experience which is offering a professional and high quality of service. Our primary goal is recover the truly meaning of massage given by the experienced ladies who will restore your body’s energy balance.

Relaxing time massage is based in Cusco the owner Karina Meza Ayma she studied physio theraphy she has worked in a spa more than 10 years she has the passion to help people specially those who hiked the Inca trail and comeback with tired muscle.

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