Reductive massage in Cusco

What is reductive massage?

Reductive massage is an alternative therapy, used as a complement to rehabilitation medicine, which has recently gained more interest in different fields of physical health, relaxation and even overweight control.

It is a massage modality that is performed with greater pressure and speed than usual.

The reductive massage helps to stimulate the accumulation of localized fat and that at the same time, stylizes the contour of the figure in the silhouette.

It should be understood that this treatment does not eliminate localized fat, it is rather just a stimulus that complements the treatment of fat elimination through other more invasive means.

In this massage it is a question of working in the zones with greater accumulation of fat, provoking heat with special movements that help to dissolve the adipose tissue.

The movements, techniques and pressures of the reductive massage, help the circulation and the local metabolism, to reabsorb the fats and to increase the consumption of calories.

The Methods and Techniques of Reductive Massage

Massage techniques are considered an art, but in recent years greater importance has been given to massage as a mechanism through which they produce physiological and physical effects.

The massage techniques used are:

– Kneading
– Friction
– friction
– Percussion
– Massage techniques for constipation
Ancestral techniques of healing massages

With a reductive massage, it is possible to stimulate the reduction or distribution of the harrow to several points of the body.
Sessions generally last from 1 to 2 hours.

It is very important to know that the treatment of the reductive massage is accompanied by a diet and exercise.

A treatment of several sessions achieves the toning of the adipose tissue, giving consistency to the body and therefore improve the physical appearance thanks to the elimination of cellulite.

In women, the areas where most work are:

– Abdomen
– Hip
– Arms
– back

In men, it is mainly performed in:

– Abdomen

Many times customers ask the question: Do reductive massages eliminate fat? It should be borne in mind that, with a reductive massage can not dissolve the fat deposited in the body, nor can be reabsorbed fat and much less the amount of body fat.


– They can be performed anywhere on the body where fat is accumulated: waist, legs, abdomen, under the chin, hips.
– Stimulates fat in adipose tissues.
– Complementary treatment for cellulite.
– It benefits the blood circulation.


– treatment should be accompanied by diet and exercise for best results.
– Allergic reactions to the gels, creams and preparations used to give the massage.
– Vigorous massages may reduce muscle tone.
– Reductive massage may aggravate a kidney infection.

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