Cusco travel tips

As a starting point for the best tours to Machu Picchu, Cusco is probably on everyone’s lips, but few people know that there is more to enjoy and find the imperial city of the Incas. But, to enjoy some wonderful adventures without inconvenience, know some Cusco travel tips. Most visitors only get a glimpse of […]

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Special massages for your vitality

Meet some of the most used special massages in the world for vitality. Many of them follow ancient and herbal principles. Relaxing massages, deep tissue massages and vitalizing massages are the most used for all kinds of physical treatments. TAO-ZI HERBAL MASSAGE. In the Asian regions a form of traditional thermal treatment has been preserved, […]

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Recover sun-damaged skin

It feels very good to spend some time in the sun, it is also highly recommended to be able to synthesize some vitamins like “vitamin D”. But spending too much time in the sun can significantly affect your skin, fortunately and to some extent you can recover sun-damaged skin. The sun emits different variations of […]

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