What to see and what to do in Cusco?

Cusco is probably the most famous city in Peru and that logically attracts the majority of tourists. But there is something Located at the foot but also on the side of the mountain, Cusco will offer many things to do and see. Adapt to incredible landscapes, walks in the middle of nature, you will be delighted. What to see and what to do in Cusco, is in 5 essential points.

1 / The free tour, before starting

Turismo de calidad en cusco

The first thing we recommend when you arrive in a large Peruvian city is the Free Walking Tour. Start with a glimpse of Cusco and its history is important if you want to discover with a new look this city of 1000 facets. What to detect your favorite places and come back later. All you need to do is book the previous day on the Internet and go the next day to the meeting point. There are several possibilities available to you, according to your wishes:

♥ The classic city tour, to visit the best of Cusco. Be careful, this is another round on Sunday.

♥ The Cusco tour before, to learn more about “the navel” of the Inca civilization

♥ The architectural tour of Cusco, to interest the Inca monuments and inspirations

You choose

2 / The main square

Main center of the city, the Plaza de Armas is the place where the activity of the city takes place in all its extension. Surrounded by dozens of small restaurants and its imposing Church, the inhabitants of the city like to meet there to walk in one of the many banks, cool off near its beautiful fountain or watch a parade, demonstration or other national holiday there. Whatever happens in Cusco, everything will converge in this place. Ahead!

3 / A small tour to the San Pedro market

The San Pedro market is the largest you can find in Cusco. As soon as you put it on, you will be caught by its effervescence. Souvenir stands, meats, fresh juices, sweets and clothes, you will find everything Do not misunderstand, given the prices, there is little chance of falling in 100% alpaca, but it is an ideal buying session for small budgets. The essential: have a small coffee with milk accompanied by a piece of homemade cake, sitting directly in one of the “breakfast” stalls and for only 3.5 soles.

4 / The coffee museum for a delicious break

We are sure you tried breakfast at the San Pedro market and tried the delicious coffee with milk. Now, move on to the next level with the Coffee Museum. Located in Espaderos 136, not far from the Plaza de Armas, you can enjoy one of the best cafes in the city (at the same time, you can expect it in a museum of that name). The advantage is the very cozy place inside (favorite for the sofa in front of the fireplace) and a super nice terrace to admire the hustle and bustle of the street. The perfect place to decompress without problems. And also, you will learn more about the history of coffee. What to ask for more?

5 / Glance from the roof of Cusco

mirador cusco - estres causado por el viaje


Cusco is a city located right in the mountains, so why not take the opportunity to gain height? Whether on foot (brave athletes) or by bus (little lazy), climb to the top of the city to admire the state of Jesus’ redeemer. For more organized, you can book this with a bus trip. Whatever happens, the view is impregnable and this state perched on the top of the mountain is still an emblem of Cusco (and shines every night). Feel free to stop along the way to visit a small church, participate in a local festival or play with the few lamas you find. Stimulating.


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