Massage tips

Massage tips

There are many types of massage; relaxing massage, hot stone massage, special salts, pain massage (therapeutic), deep tissue and special Inca healing massage. Regardless of the type of service, massage tips may vary according to the case.

¿Would you like a massage? all of us we know the benefits of a therapeutic massage, reduce stress, relax your mind and if you have sore muscle will help you too.

but is very important to follow the tips to enjoy even better your massage and create unforgettable memories for you and the masseuse.

  1. A good therapist: this very important to enjoy and get relaxed body & mind to get this you have to know very well the masseuse if you are in foreigner country and you want to get a massage check if they have a recommendation, because there are a lot of massage places in Cusco Peru and most of them does not have professional masseuse always check on the internet.
  2. Tell us about you: before you start your therapeutic massage talk to your masseuse if you were hiking or if you need more attention at some point in your body like this your therapist will do better work and you will be relaxed!
  3. choose your products: in Our place, we use natural products to help with the relaxation of your body we have creams and oils with an aroma you can choose to have these products or you can get your massage without those natural products or if you have your own products you can bring and our therapist can work with it!
  4. Good illumination in the room: less intense light will promote a great atmosphere of relaxation, the patient needs calm and tranquility, the room has to be comfortable with the right temperature.
  5. The patient has to follow the following advice to relax better:
  • the patient needs to have clean and dry to absorb all the nutrients from the oil and creams depending on the type of massage.
  • need to be concentrated during the massage time, avoid cell phones or any artifacts.
  • not to talk much to the masseuses they need to be concentrated as well to provide the Inca energy.
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