The best time to travel to Peru

The ideal station to travel to Peru

The Andean mountain range makes the map of climates, both in Peru and in other Andean countries, extremely complicated. More than temperatures, it is better to consider moisture. The dry season, from May to September approximately, is the most favorable for the trip: the temperatures are more clear and the rain is not very present.

Peru is divided into three main parts. The coast (desert), embedded between the Andes and the Pacific, has a humid climate, although it almost never rains: a fog often forms outside the summer. Sierra is the mountainous part of Peru.

The days are generally sunny outside the rainy season (December to April) and the temperatures are relatively cool during the day and cold at night. In the east, the Amazon rainforest (silva) frequently records temperatures of up to 35 ° C. Wet throughout the year, the forest becomes frankly impracticable during the rainy season, during which some communications are also cut.

Temperature table by city (min / max) in ° C


Prepare your suitcase

Faced with the multiplicity of climates, there is no choice but to take many precautions. Mid-season clothes for the day will be sufficient in most cases.

Provide warm woolen clothes for the night in the mountains, rain clothes and comfortable shoes. Add summer clothes or toiletries for the beach or for thermal baths. People planning the best Machu Picchu Hiking Tours will obviously have to bring equipment accordingly. For the same and for those who want to go to the forest, do not forget an insect repellent.

Good sunglasses are important, especially for mountain adventurers. In these countries, if the temperature is often mild or cold, the rays are powerful. Therefore, it is essential to protect the skin with cream and a hat. Finally, it is recommended to visit the churches with a “decent” outfit (without shorts or shirts that are too short).

If you intend to take pictures of the colorful landscapes of Peru, we also suggest using films adapted to the high brightness that reigns in the highlands.

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