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As a starting point for the best tours to Machu Picchu, Cusco is probably on everyone’s lips, but few people know that there is more to enjoy and find the imperial city of the Incas. But, to enjoy some wonderful adventures without inconvenience, know some Cusco travel tips.

Most visitors only get a glimpse of what this city really has to offer, the tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas is mainly seen from the window of the bus, you have to pass by the archaeological sites and leave other hidden places completely aside because the itinerary doesn’t allow for an extra stop or you have to continue your trip the next day.

You should know that Peru has a lot to offer, besides wonderful tours we can find places to spend with the family or do some shopping for handicrafts on your own. You can’t talk about getting to know Cusco if you don’t enjoy its mystical experiential tourism, its relaxing massage centers or weaving massages before you go on adventures like the Inca Trail. So much so that you really can’t do that in just one trip!

Here are some of the best Cusco travel tips, find out why you should stay longer here!

tip of trip Cusco No. 1: tour the ancient Inca capital on your own.

You can tour the entire city at your own expense. To enter tourist centers such as Coricancha, the cathedral, Sacsayhuamán, Qenqo and Tambomachay you will need a tourist ticket for the city. You can get that at tourist offices or travel agencies.

Cusco is the ancient center of the Inca culture and this is not only in the history books, but you can experience it personally, since the Incas created true works of art in terms of architecture, many of the buildings are still standing today! Entire alleyways, doorways and walls not only bear witness to the unique precision work of their builders, but also remind us that we are still walking on historic ground.

But what makes the style even more special is the fact that you can read the history of this city in the architecture: On the walls of the Inca foundations you can find the typical architecture of the colonial conquerors: the huge blue wooden doors with their ancient castle systems that block the access to the partially enchanted backyards, the wooden balconies on the first floor that still characterize the image of the main square and the typical handmade tiles and the pair of bulls on the ridge.

Cusco Travel Tips No.2: culture and experience of the country people.

culture and experience cusco

in Cusco you can not only get an insight into how the modern inhabitants of Peru cities live but also the people from the countryside who come to Cusco to trade their products such as vegetables, fruits, and vegetables. Totally fresh and at very accessible prices. In the markets you can see the great colorful variety of the typical foods of Cusco. It is highly recommended to visit the Cusco markets such as the famous San Pedro market, San Blas market and Cascaparo market. All of them are located very close to the main square of Cusco.

In the communities, you can see the farmer’s wife dressed in her traditional dress with her colorful sling on her back and barefoot in her characteristic car tire sandals.

Peru is still a country full of social and societal differences, which can be seen very clearly in the city. This includes the enormous difference between rich and poor, even if there are no slums, the living conditions of its inhabitants can feel as if they are hundreds of years away depending on the district.

Cusco travel tips  No.3: get to know the Quechua language, enjoy the exquisite dialect of the Incas.

Travel to the communities, if you really want to enjoy an extraordinary trip, and get to know the typical celebrations and enjoy their food. People in the communities are very or maybe too friendly with travelers. If you want to make a real friendship in Cusco, the country people are the best!
Peru is a multicultural country and has two national languages: Spanish and Quechua. The Quechua language of the Incas is still alive here and not only lives in the extraordinary names of the streets, but is still spoken by a large part of the population of Cusco. Not only the language, but also the related culture can be discovered, whether during the festivities and traditions of the city or in normal life, in Cusco you can still make herbal medicines according to your ailments or enjoy typical Inca healing massages. And last but not least, Cusco has become an international city also due to tourism, where you can meet foreigners who have settled in Cusco and have brought a piece of their homeland with them.

Cusco Travel Tips  No.4: In Cusco the hotels and best restaurants are located within walking distance from the square.

city tour san pedro cusco

Cusco has the great advantage of being located in a valley and the historical center is also the modern center: here you can not only take tourist excursions that show you the most important places, but you automatically get to know something about the daily life of the Cusco people! In the heart of the city, you will not only find hotels, restaurants, museums, banks and souvenir shops, but also the local markets, social meeting places such as the many squares and churches, as well as local shops and institutions.

The artists’ quarter San Blas is located directly above the main square, or the viewpoints of Santa Ana, San Cristobal or Cristo Blanco are within walking distance, as well as the extensive archaeological site of Sacsayhuamán, from where you have an impressive view of the city!

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