Special massages for your vitality

Meet some of the most used special massages in the world for vitality. Many of them follow ancient and herbal principles. Relaxing massages, deep tissue massages and vitalizing massages are the most used for all kinds of physical treatments.


In the Asian regions a form of traditional thermal treatment has been preserved, the special massages with herbal seals. Through the use of special herbal mixtures and the application of certain massage techniques, an internal and external harmony in the body is achieved. By stimulating the thermoreceptors and unfolding the active ingredients of the herbs, self-healing powers are activated.

It is used as the beginning of a purification and detoxification process that helps to reduce welfare and metabolic disorders, menopausal problems and stress, etc.



Warm basalt stones, a medicinal plant oil with a very special aroma, lots of rest and fluid movements are the ingredients for the Sensitive Hot Stone Massage. However, at critical points, cooling can also provide relief, and it is well known that the contrast between two stimuli leads to deeper perceptions and sensations.

This massage uses Asian knowledge of the body’s energy channels. The combination of medicinal plant oil, stone energy and massage technique creates a massage ritual for deep mental and physical relaxation. “Only when the head has stopped, the body can follow.

These are all perceptions based on ancient experiences. Therefore, they can also be found in the natural art of treatment of primitive peoples.


Already thousands of years ago the ancient Tibetans knew how to restore the harmony of soul and body with the help of honey. From the ancient Tibetans and Chinese we know that our life force must flow harmoniously if we want to stay healthy. The combination of an ancient Russian massage technique with the knowledge of the Tibetans and the power of honey can create true experiences for the body.

We know from science that the colour of honey inhibits free radicals and that honey has a pH value of 4.5 to 5.5, similar to that of human skin.

Tibetan-Russian honey massage can have a positive effect on: Cellulite, lack of vitality, headaches and migraines, blood pressure disorders, insomnia and rheumatism.


Like acupuncture, Tuina therapy is based on the meridians. “Tui Na” means “push and pull”. Practitioners influence the different points of the body and associated functional disorders within the body – through massage and acupressure of the acupuncture points. The therapy stimulates the vital energy in the meridians. The Tuina therapy, as one of the special massages, is suitable for all complaints of the musculoskeletal system, such as acute and chronic lower back pain,

haematomas, tensions, strokes and paralysis of the extremities. It is also used in paediatrics and for physically weak patients. In China, this manual therapy is very well regarded.


The work according to Dorn is done on all joints and the spine. This is a method that is suitable for all age groups. In many cases it is necessary to prepare the patient with a form of relaxation for the treatment according to Dorn. Breuss massage is particularly suitable for this. It was recommended by Rudolf Breuss’ colleagues when dealing with back pain and intervertebral disc problems.

It is done with certain movements and warm oil, so that the muscles relax. Dorn’s therapists do not assume that the intervertebral disc is worn out, but that the treatment is poorly cared for, which also has to do with slightly displaced vertebrae. The dry intervertebral disc soaks in like a sponge. Even if the vertebrae do not need to be worked on, the Breuss massage is a relief.

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