Recover sun-damaged skin

It feels very good to spend some time in the sun, it is also highly recommended to be able to synthesize some vitamins like “vitamin D”. But spending too much time in the sun can significantly affect your skin, fortunately and to some extent you can recover sun-damaged skin.

The sun emits different variations of light, including ultraviolet (UV) light which damages the skin and causes sunburn. Over time these rays can cause dark spots, wrinkles and other very serious problems such as skin cancer (extreme cases).

As a result of excessive sun exposure you can add years to your appearance. “Research shows that exposure to UV rays is the reason for 80% of skin aging.”

One thing to keep in mind is that, it is not possible to erase all the damage done to the skin, and fortunately, medicine and research are shedding light on ways that some of the problems caused by the sun can be reversed, to some extent. but in most cases it is the person who takes the conditions and cares for themselves properly.


Recuperar la piel dañada por el sol

Believe it or not, sunburn occurs when there is direct damage to the DNA in the skin cells. By the time your fully exposed skin becomes red (often pink), painful, and tender, most of the damage has been done. Over time these lesions accumulate and lead to physical changes that are very noticeable and very difficult to erase or cure such as wrinkles and skin cancer.

As mentioned above, there are many things that each person can do to relieve pain and care for their skin from large exposures, there are only a few ways to counteract the damage caused before it is there forever. It is recommended that you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, reapplying it at least every 60 minutes, and especially wear clothing that protects the skin from direct exposure.

It should be noted that after some skin treatments such as: facial peels, moisturizing masks, massage with lotions, hot baths or steam (saunas) the skin is more sensitive and exposed to receive greater effect of light. It is recommended that after any of the treatments mentioned above, direct contact with the sun be avoided.

Care of dry skin.

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It is known that for dry skin it is advisable to have relaxing massages with moisturizing creams or lotions, but avoiding excessive exposure to the sun will always be the best way to care for your skin and it will be easier to recover skin damaged by the sun.

The sun can dry out your skin, leaving rough, dark-colored patches to be seen and touched. If you feel that your dry skin was exposed too much, use a scrub to remove the top layer of dead cells to reveal the soft skin underneath. It is important to moisturize with lotion. If your skin is sunburned, omit petroleum-based products.

People like to have tanned skin, often thinking that having a good tan is synonymous with health or thinking that tanned skin is “warmer” than pale skin. But even though we all know that prolonged exposure to the sun leads to an increased risk of skin cancer and premature aging, people do not give their skin the proper care. It is up to each of us to take into account or not the information needed to take care of our health.

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