The best massage centers in Cusco for tourists

There are many adventures that travelers expect to make during their visit to Cusco, the great adventures and tours lead to a physical (muscular) wear, even more, if the visitor does not undergo adequate acclimatization. but that is not an impediment since the visitor can find the best massage centers in Cusco and fully accessible prices and for all tastes.

the imperial city is known worldwide for being one of the most incredible and accessible cities for all adventurers in the world, for its location and climate was a center of the empire of the Incas, and an important urban center during the Spanish viceroyalty is for them that presents great attractions and beautiful adventures by the main archaeological Inca centers.

Among its many attractions are not only the tours or adventures through mountains and Inca roads, but also, the visitor can find places to rest, relax and the best massage parlors in Cusco know very well what the client needs.

in Cusco there are massage services for all tastes, a sample of them, which are offered by the ladies in the main square. but for those who like to be in a more comfortable place and with better attention, and profesional, the massage rooms in Cusco provide first quality services, for their attention and professionalism.
There are many massage centers in Cusco that provide excellent service, such as those listed below:

The Paramatma Holistic Healing

one of the best massage centers in Cusco. This spa room is one of the most recommended in the entire city of Cusco for its high level of professionalism.

Their visitors can count on the best attention and offer several alternative therapies among which are: energy therapies, therapeutic massages, deep tissue, Thai, Shiatsu, relaxing and holistic.

For those who like healing massages, there is also reiki, chakra alignment, pranic healing, auras cleansing, Nidra, yoga, guided meditations. The spa also has yoga retreats and yoga classes.

It is a center dedicated to the healing of the patient with alternative therapies, they are very professional, and the client is treated with a lot of respect, with personalized service, for them their priority is that the client heals spiritually in a pure way and detoxify you through different therapies.

It is a place worth visiting for those who wish to revitalize their body in a very spiritual way with alternative and purifying therapies.

Cusco Therapeutic Massage & Altitude Treatment

This spa room is ideal for those travelers who wish to rest and relax the body after a grueling trip or tour. The massages have been approached in an integral way to guarantee the well-being and recovery of the patient’s energy.

The injuries of any member of the body are treated with the greatest professionalism on the part of the masseurs, be it a chronic injury or a muscular tension due to physical exhaustion, they try to make it the right one for each case and the need of each one of the patients.

They also have a hyperbaric machine for those who feel the effects of height, as well as the recovery of injuries. This spa has a very professional team and therefore is included among the best massage rooms in Cusco to provide a first-class service.

Inca Spa – Cusco

It has been awarded as the best spa in America in 2013, and among its many awards are the Global Travel Awards, given by Luxury Travel Guide UK. In addition to receiving a certificate of excellence for several consecutive years.

Its professionalism and quality are due to the fact that it was the first spa to offer massage treatments that originate from the ancient Inca culture.

Visitors who wish to live an unforgettable experience are invited to enjoy a mystical healing environment for their mind and body.

Relaxing Time Massage

They offer a wide, varied and first quality of massage, whether therapeutic, ancestral, healing, acclimatization, and relaxation. Among their specialties are several types of relaxing massage and acclimatization, with a very professional team with extensive experience in deep tissue massage, to recover the energy balance of the whole body.

relaxing time massage is included among the best massage rooms in Cusco, for presenting a very varied service based on natural substances and typical of the city of Cusco.

If you are in Cusco about to make a long tour! We recommend the hot stone massage, to help blood circulation and recharge the energy before a walkor after the  Inca healing massage we use creams that will be applied in very specific areas to help relax the muscles.

This massage center also offers other services, left aside by other salons such as facial treatments (sunburn during a tour) and exfoliation of the entire body, body wax, pedicure, manicure, body exfoliation with excellent quality service.

Exhale Yoga

This spa is ideal for lovers of yoga and pranic breathing, visitors who have been able to enjoy this ancient form of exercise, have been fascinated with the results, is a place to enjoy and disconnect from the stress of travel.

Yin Yang Massages

This spa room has been recognized as one of the best places in the city of Cusco to relax, has highly qualified staff with many years of experience, who like to give the best services to their customers. They are specialists in relaxing and renovating massages, with oriental and autochthonous techniques that make it one of the most recommended places in the city.

After an exhausting trip, and visiting so many historical sites, there is nothing better than a good massage to relax and recover energies.

In the city of Cusco, there are many places that offer a wonderful service, relaxation techniques and alternative methods for healing the body and mind. It is a matter of each visitor, after this small list of the best massage parlors in Cusco, take a proper service and according to your requirements, especially enjoy your stay in the imperial city of Cusco.

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