The importance of therapeutic massages for good health

It is often thought that a massage is only a matter of relaxation and is only necessary to enjoy a moment of tranquility. But many studies such as T.R.I. (Touch Research Institute) show the importance of therapeutic massages that help maintain good health.

Therapeutic massages are not only important during the treatment of any physical discomfort or feel any health complication. If not also, they can be used as methods of prevention that in the long run can help in the care of the body avoiding chronic illnesses or inflammations of some point of the body.

It is essential to know the importance of therapeutic massages, so we know what service we need according to our ailments.

In this occasion we will only list some of the most important benefits of therapeutic massages.

Effects of analgesic action for chronic pains.

The liberation of muscular tension or of some nerve, produces a severe liberation of chemical reactions and good circulation. In this type of therapeutic action, it is important to know the physical health of the patient, and according to them to exert different degrees of pressure to help oxygenate the damaged muscles.

Muscle recovery

This type of therapeutic action is usually performed in patients with chronic diseases such as “diabetes“. The most important parts of the body where the therapeutic massage should be performed are:

The feet
– The arms
– The column
– To the abdomen.

Muscle recovery is not only efficient in patients with chronic ailments. It is also highly recommended for sports people, athletes and people who are subjected to great work pressures.

Elastic tension of the body.

In recent years the quality of work of every person is subject to great pressures of work, and of course, the human body is not an infallible machine. And you always need a good rest and what better if you also receive a general massage that releases the elastic tension of the body.
It is also important to know that points of the body are always subjected to inadequate pressure, or incorrect postures whether at work or in sport.

Types of therapeutic massages recommended according to the patient’s requirement

There are many ways to perform a certain therapeutic massage, depending on the area of the body to be treated and the health of the patient. Since, the same methods will not be used in patients with medical treatments and sports patients who need more pressure rubbing during the massage.

Pétrissage, kneading of the soft muscles of the body

It is a special massage during which the soft tissues are squeezed energetically, sliding and lifting all the surrounding muscular tissues to the treatment point, as if trying to detach the surface from the deep tissues.
During this massage, the muscles are moved in the direction of the fibres, also moving all the internal liquids that surround the muscle.

It can be done with kneading movements and transverse movements. To carry out this manoeuvre, the hands will hold the area to be treated firmly.

The pretissage, presents variations in your application form and intensity. Among its most common effects we have:

1. Superficial kneading
– Removal of debris
– Nourishes the muscle
– Muscle relaxation

2. Deep kneading
– Removal of debris
– Nourishes the muscle
– Increased muscle contraction capacity
– Defibrosing action

Effeurage Effects

this type of massage is the one that presents the greatest number of variations, according to the requirements and intensity.
Among the best known types are:
1. Superficial friction

– Hyperemia.
– Skin regeneration.
– Decreased excitability of nerve endings.

2. Deep rubbing

– Decontracting action
– Increased blood and lymphatic circulation.


They are made by means of small circular movements, precise, plus a controlled pressure on the point to treat.
is generally performed with the pulpexes (yolks) of the fingers, which mobilize the surface of the skin and muscles, one on top of the other. They are generally used for joint massage. This massage will be as broad as the laxity of the subcutaneous tissue (soft) allows it and the patient accepts or tolerates friction.

The importance of therapeutic massage not only lies in the importance of freeing strategic points of the body, but also the pleasant handling of techniques, aromas and oils that help the patient enjoy a good time.

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